Take a look at Maori's sun-filled summer!

RECAP: Maori's Summer of 2023

The summer of 2023 was one to remember for Maori, he travelled all across the country to play his sun-filled songs for thousands of people.

Summer 2023 was an amazing ride that took him to the main stages of Sunrise Festival, Fantasia Festival and Dance D-Vision. His shows at Zanzibar Summer Bar, Vredefeesten, Pempkes Festival,.. were definitely performances to remember!

Foreign shows could not be missed in his busy schedule! Starting off with the Tomorrowland Party Flights, where he gave hundreds of people the flight of a lifetime. Followed by the international shows in Ibiza and Kos to top off his amazing summer!

Check out Maori's sun-filled summer of 2023 recap below!

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