Reignite the flame of Happy Hard!

Armed with a lethal dose of happiness and the biggest smiles you’ll ever see behind the decks, Tweekacore reignite the flame of Happy Hard to bring you an extra dose of energy.

Driving the sound of Happy Hardcore into the future, yet keeping the nostalgia flowing through their sets, Tweekacore is ready to turn your world of Hard Dance up-side-down.
Slap on some high tech LED lit retro-yet-futuristic sunglasses for that extra level of entertainment and you’ve got yourself one hell of a party-starting act.

2019 isn’t just starting with the launch of this highly anticipated act; Tweekacore have gone full 360 with the launch of their Happy Hard label “Electric Fox”, inducing an auditory evolution.

They’ll leave you screaming for more… this is Tweekacore.