A performance brought to you by the energetic mix of Mark With a K's tracks and vocals from his brother of another mother, MC Chucky!

Belgian born Mark Carpentier, aka Mark With a K, is one of the biggest names in the hard dance scene, known for his energetic DJ performances which causes hysteria all over the place. And MC Chucky represents the Hard Electronic Dance Music in more than one way. Not only he gracefully succeeds in amplifying the enthusiasm of the crowd in front of him, he also knows how to lift an artist's performance to a higher level, topping everyone's expectations.

This iconic duo has performed at numerous major events such as Tomorrowland, DefQon.1, Decibel Outdoor, Reverze, The Qontinent and many more!

Mark With a K stays forever young and has always something on his sleeve, while MC Chucky's fresh and meaningful lyrics lift every performance to a higher level.

Be prepared for lots of new music, cool shows and...

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