Upcoming Drum and Bass sensation

As an upcoming Melodic Dancefloor Drum and Bass artist, Exception has brought a breath of fresh air through the Belgian music scene. Born out of a deep love for the genre, this talented DJ and producer quickly established himself as a promising name within the scene. Exception tries to combine the classic DnB Dancefloor sound with his own modern Jump Up sound design. As listener you will recognize Exception's tunes by his melodic arrangements and the unique way that he plays with the genre.

With performances at big Belgian festivals such as Sunrise Festival and Suiker Rock, as well as at the exclusive event "Andromedik Invites" during Antwerp Full Circle Event, or even big events with more than 5000 visitors, Exception has proven that he can take the stage and dominate it with his DJ-sets.

He aims to bring his raw energy, passion and enthusiasm for the genre to a wider audience. He does this by combining his own and favorite Drum and Bass records with the best-known vocals and melodies in his DJ-sets! As a finalist of the"Tagmag Ultimate DJ-battle", he immediately stood out for his unique approach to Drum and Bass music.


- Andromedik Invites (Full Circle Antwerp) - Club Vaag
- Suikerrock
- Sunrise Festival
- Ferm Tenten Fuif
- Club Versuz
- Club IKON
- Tropics Lloret De Mar
- Moef Gaga Lloret De Mar
- St Trop Lloret De Mar
- Tagmag Ultimate DJ Battle Finale
- MNM Start To DJ 2022 Halve Finale

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