Fascinated by music.


Music has always fascinated Dark-E, also known as Kristof Van den Berghe, from Rock, Pop and Blues to every possible electronical style of music on this planet.

As a youngster he already collected everything he liked on tape, but his real musical carreer started end 2003 when he left university and almost instantly became a resident at the legendary harddance-club The Site and released tracks as Trancescape-Producelast, Hypnotical Summer, Happy Hookers, Tranceballers etc.

Many years later, after residencies at Complex, Highstreet, Zino and performances at Reverze, Bassleader,Decibel, Defqon1, Pussy Lounge, Tomorrowland, etc, Kristof proved with the Flashback at Reverze, 2 years in a row, that he's here to stay in the Harddance-scene, with classics, with freestyle and even with a lot of new music in the future!

To every human, every music lover, every DJ and every producer, music has a slightly different place in the soul but it is and will always be his cause to create music, that touches other people and himself, created out of everything that's placed on his path.

“The artist's power is hidden in his openness and curiousity for each new excitement.