AVERIX is no stranger to the Flemish DJ landscape anymore. His career shot up like a rocket with an international DJ tour through Crete and Spain followed by performances on the mainstages of Sunrise Festival and Dance D-Vision.

As an emerging DJ and Producer from West Flanders, AVERIX focuses on delivering a unique set & show. At a performance of AVERIX you can expect a smashing performance with unique, own remixes and edits that can make a whole room go wild. Besides his performances, he puts a lot of time into his music production, releasing high quality melodic, commercial EDM tracks.

Within the DJ landscape he is known as "The one with the bandana," you cannot imagine a show of AVERIX without his typical bandana. With his individuality, he creates a unique experience. AVERIX is best placed as a commercial EDM DJ, from the biggest Tomorrowland songs to emotional sing-alongs, you can expect it all. Melody and emotion are at the heart of his shows and his mashups!

Sunrise Festival, Dance D-Vision, LUX VIP Club Malia

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