Meet Alphadogs, their distinctive style and energetic performances have already brought them to some of the most prestigious venues. Such as the legendary Tomorrowland Invited shows, the mainstage of Sunrise Festival, Dance D-Vision, Club Versuz, LeDana Club in Croatia and many more.

National radio stations like Q-Music are also only too happy to play these gentlemen's sets! Alphadogs achieved over 3 million streams on Spotify with their own tracks. Their song "In Love" achieved more than 1 million streams in no time.

What makes Alphadogs so unforgettable? Their sets are a powerful mix of their own tracks, compelling remixes and timeless classics. All this results in recognizable yet unpredictable DJ sets. On stage, they exude an energy that captivates the entire audience.

Although they are mainly known nationally, they have also made their mark internationally. In the Netherlands, they are gaining popularity year after year. As emerging artists, they are the ideal choice for a unique and energetic musical experience!

Tomorrowland, Sunrise Festival, Dance D-Vision, Club Versuz, LeDana club Croatia

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